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Litza is not only a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Professional Speaker, Educator and Life Coach, but also a passionate advocate for mental health. She is dedicated to breaking down the stereotypes and stigmas that surround mental health, and has spoken on this topic at numerous events, including workshops, corporate meetings, luncheons, and conferences, both in Spanish and English.

Litza's speaking topics cover a range of issues, from self-care to postpartum depression, dating violence awareness to mental health in marginalized communities. She has a wealth of experience speaking on issues such as teens and self-esteem, mental health and LGBTQ+ youth, and men and postpartum depression and anxiety. Her expertise also includes addressing compassion fatigue, burnout and vicarious trauma, and how to combat these issues with daily self-care practices.

If you are looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker to address issues related to mental health, Litza's breadth of knowledge and experience make her an excellent choice for your event.



"When seeing Litza it is obvious that you are dealing with someone who works from the heart.  Litza's engaging style was very well received by our conference attendees.  Her dynamic presentation was informative, educational and everything that we could have asked her.  She provides a wealth of valuable information that benefits everyone.  Her genuine approach and personal interaction are things we could all emulate.  She has a way to drive home a message in an enjoyable fashion.  Litza is a delight to work with and we highly recommend her as a speaker.  We look forward to working with her again in the future."

Cesiah Lopez/ Founder/ Vamos Fuerte


"Litza's presentation was excellent, and she handled a sensitive topic with dignity and respect."

Christine Wiseman/ RN/ Manager of WIC Lactation Centers

"I can't say more wonderful things about Litza & Shining Lights. I attend the Balancing Act seminar last fall. As an attorney, I am in an extremely stressful job everyday and often put self-care on the back burner.  Litza articulated the showed us ways to start incorporating it into daily life.  I encourage you all to take one of her seminars.  Very eye opening and empowering."

Britney E. Harrison/Family Law Attorney at Calabrese Budner, LLP


"Litza is a wonderful presenter! She listened compassionately and provided real, tangible ways to improve self-care."

Manisha Kumar / Accountant/ Bank of America

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